Preventing antimicrobial resistance in animals using PCR technology to accurately identify infection and show antibiotic resistance will ultimately prevent resistance in the human population and save billions in healthcare. 

The CDC reports that one of the greatest public health threats today is antimicrobial resistance. The current method of testing for infection is limited to 18th century technology. Today, 90% of infections are biofilms and are undetected by culture.

Historically, culture and sensitivity testing has been the only diagnostic to detect harmful colonizations of bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites.  Culture is limited detecting only  1% of pathogens, extended length of time in resulting and collection restrictions with viable microbes.   Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)  technology uses DNA to target specific pathogens with virtually 100% accuracy and specificity with results in 24 hours.  Antibiotic resistance testing is also provided to show resistant treatments.  This allows providers to accurately prescribe the right antibiotic against a target preventing overuse of antibiotics.