Frequently Asked Questions

I. Account Setup & Orders

How do I set up an account?

Fill out this form . Don’t worry, you’re not going to sign your life away. We just want your info to send you complementary supplies to your clinic.

How do I order a test?

A. Order through your system but select the test so we internally know what you are ordering. Print this off and send with sample that has identifiers:

– Wound/ Skin/ Ear Dermatology


– Diarrhea (stool)

– Respiratory

– Covid-19

  • Note where you took the sample
  • Collect according to our specimen collection instructions
  • Tell us where you collected
  • Identify if it’s feline or canine testing

B. Paper Requisition – We will provide paper if you wish to use, but send with the sample

C. Website – Order on the online portal

How do I order supplies?

Supplies can be ordered at any time and we supply them as a complimentary service through this form  or email at

II. Shipping

How do I schedule a specimen pickup?

Ship your samples on us! Simply select “Schedule a Pickup” from the top of the page. You’ll get to choose when UPS comes to you. You’ll be guided to enter your information, print your mailing label, and stick it to the specimen bag.

*If you’re sending specimens daily, please contact us to schedule automatic daily pickup.

How do I get a tracking number for a shipment?

Scheduling a shipment online will send you a confirmation email that INCLUDES the tracking number. Please save this information. Just in case it gets lost, please call us at Vetranomix (877) 375. VxDx


How do I print a shipping label?

Select “Schedule a Pickup” from the top of the page. This guides you through the process of entering your information.  After you print your label, adhere to your UPS specimen bag.  Contact shipping with any questions.



III. The VetraTest ™, Screenings & Cost

What is PCR?

We use the Polymerase Chain Reaction technique to extract DNA from a sample. By heating and cooling it, we amplify the DNA to show the number of copies of the pathogens we’re targeting.  

PCR testing has been used in forensics, ancestry, cancer and illness, infectious disease in humans (like Covid-19) and now … pets!  

PCR only tests for the targets on the panels, which are specifically developed to detect common causes of infections.  PCR does not review the entire genome and will not display healthy flora. PCR is rapid and accurate. And now Vetranomix’s innovative VetraTest™ offer quantitative PCR, showing how much of a pathogen is present.



What is the turnaround time?

The reports will be delivered to your choice of email, portal or fax within 48 hours of when it ARRIVES at the lab.  The process of PCR takes only hours, but there are steps of review from our scientists to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in our reports.  Please keep in mind that our UPS ships overnight but we cannot control weather, natural disasters that may get in the way of the overnight shipping.  No matter what, we ensure quality and rapid testing that will exceed any expectation compared to your outdated culture and sensitivity. 



Is there a live person who can help me to clarify a report?

Discover a new virus, fungus, parasite or bacteria on your report that you’ve never seen before? Or did your result discover a multi-pathogenic infection that you don’t even know where to start with treatment? Email our pharmacist to call you and help you out!



What does the VetraTest ™ cost?

Our tests cost the same amount you pay for cultures and sensitivities the other labs sell. We know that when selling a new technology to vets, we had to make it easy for you to switch from the rotary to the smart phone. Not only do we keep the price in the ballpark, Vetranomix also includes aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, and additionally tests for fungus, viruses, and parasites. As if that is not already enough… we also provide our antibiotic resistance panel (ABR) to quickly show vets which medication will be resistant to the infection detected.


Are there contracts?

To lock you in forever? No.  We only have you sign a Service Agreement that tells you we will provide all of the services we have promised, makes sure you don’t go around sharing all of our company information once you have joined our team and ensures you understand our payment terms.  That’s it.  We will not lock you for a year and make you earn your discount through a quota. 



How does payment work?

Vetranomix has you submit a payment option of a bank/ savings account or credit card to have on file with us.  We bill on the 1st and the 15th.  Your information is locked away in an IT vault where no one but our CFO can access.  Security is a top priority at Vetranomix with payment and patient information!  If there is any reason you need to make a payment outside of this, we have a payment option available on our website.  Receipts will be provided for your records.



IV. Contact Info

How do I contact the lab?

Call us at 877.375.VxDx or email us.



How do I contact billing?

Contact our Billing Department at



Have a question about results?

Contact our science team by calling 877.375.VxDx or email at



How can I reach a pharmacist?

Discover a new virus, fungus, parasite or bacteria on your report that you’ve never seen before? Or did your result discover a multi-pathogenic infection that you don’t even know where to start with treatment?  Email our pharmacist –our veterinary pharmaceutical guru.  We use BCP Pharmacy in Houston, TX – one of the oldest and most knowledgeable vet pharmacies that service nationally.



How can I schedule a Lunch & Learn at the clinic?

We love educating clinics about our cutting-edge diagnostics! Contact us at to schedule a visit from one of our staff.



How can I reach Sales & Marketing?

We would love to help answer any questions you have about our Vetra Test!  Please contact us at



PR & Press Releases?

Email or call 877.375.VxDx to reach Leah White.