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Upper Respiratory Panel

Upper Respiratory Infections in cats and dogs can easily develop into secondary bacterial infections. These are notoriously difficult to detect through traditional cultures.

PCR testing, such as the VetraTest™, can easily and quickly isolate these bacteria (as well as viruses and fungi). And then you can begin confidently treating your pet patients.

Because the VetraTest™ was designed with effective treatment in mind, it offers quantitative PCR. This means the test not only detects bacteria, it reveals how many of them are present, showing the microbial load of each pathogen present. It also separates them according to which bacteria are aerobic and anaerobic.

Vetranomix also offers an Antibiotic Resistance Panel, which reveals medications that are likely ineffective against the detected infections. This ensures that you’ll never need to cycle through multiple antibiotics to find one that works.

The VetraTest™ is so sensitive + accurate, it can even detect a pathogen during incubation and while the carrier is asymptomatic.

1 test, 1 treatment. Get it right, the first time.


PCR technology detects bacteria, fungi, and viruses with 100% accuracy and specificity.


48-hour results from when it hits the lab


FREE specimen collection kits + shipping. Minimal specimen needed for processing.

The Respiratory VetraTest™ Panel 

The patented VetraTest ™ is focused on targeting the most common pathogens that cause Respiratory Infections in dogs and cats. Our teams of researchers, scientists, and vets work together to target the microbes behind the infection. Then we generate a comprehensive panel to detect the culprit behind the infection. The Anitbacterial Resistance Panel will give you clarity not just on what to treat, but how to treat.

The VetraTest ™ detects and reports only our targeted panel. No confusing common or healthy flora show in the data.

Preferred Collection Method


Recommended Amount

3 ml (1 ml minimum)

Analysis to Identification, Fast

Cool Cats!


Up to 97% of cats are exposed to feline herpes virus in their lifetime. The feline herpesvirus causes a lifelong infection in up to 80% of exposed cats. And while a feline upper respiratory infection may incubate for 1-2 weeks, it can spread to other animals before it’s even identified. A VetraTest™ can quickly and accurately isolate Feline Herpesvirus type-1 and Bordetella bronchiseptica – the most common culprits – even while they’re in incubation.


Hot Dogs!


M. cynos, CPIV, M. canis, and B. bronchiseptica were the most common pathogens seen in co-infections in dogs, with M. cynos and CPIV being the most frequent pathogen combination, a 2019 study on canine infectious respiratory disease showed. Reported in PLOS ONE, the study used rapid PCR diagnostics, like those offered through Vetranomix.


The Respiratory Kit for cats and dogs primarily involves viral targets. Conventional virus-detection methods can be laborious and ineffective. The VetraTest™ provides a rapid and accurate alternative, using just 3 swabs: throat, eye, and nasopharyngeal.

ABR report indicates:

  • Most common medications prescribed for Respiratory infections

  • Which medication will work

  • Which medication will not work


Respiratory Pathogen Panel

canine test

Canine Screening


Canine adenovirus type 2; Canine distemper virus (CDV); Canine herpesvirus type 1 (CHV-1); Canine parainfluenza virus; Canine pneumovirus; Canine respiratory coronavirus (CRCoV); Influenza A; Influenza A virus H3 (including H3N8); Influenza A virus H1 (including H1N1); Influenza A virus H7 (including H7N2)

Facultative Anaerobic

Mycoplasma cynos; Streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus; Escherichia coli


Bordetella bronchiseptica

feline screenings

Feline Screening


Feline calicivirus; Feline herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-1); Influenza A virus H3 (incl. H3N2 and H3N8); Influenza A virus H1 (incl. H1N1); Influenza A virus H7 (incl. H7N2); Influenza A


Mycoplasma felis; Escherichia coli; Yersinia pestis; Streptococcus pyogenes; Mycoplasma gatae


Chlamydophila felis


Bordetella bronchiseptica


Cryptococcus neoformans


It takes weeks to grow fungus with culture. The Vetra Test accurately identifes presence and load within 48 hours. 

The ability to quickly and accurately test for these … pathogens from a single set of samples is a valuable tool for acute respiratory disease diagnosis and management. These panels also aid in the understanding of the clinical manifestations of several common virus infections for which disease association is not yet well understood.

–  Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine

When will I get results?

The reports are delivered to your email, portal, or fax (your choice!) within 48 hours of the sample kit’s arrival at our lab. The PCR process only takes hours. Our scientists also review the results to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in our reports.

*Though UPS ships overnight, we cannot control external factors (like weather or natural disasters) that may interfere with shipping.


How do I schedule a specimen pickup?

Ship your samples on us! Simply visit and select “Schedule a Pickup.” You’ll get to choose when UPS comes to you.You’ll be guided to enter your information, print your mailing label, and stick it to the specimen bag.

*If you’re sending specimens daily, please contact us to schedule automatic daily pickup.

How much does the VetraTest ™ cost?

Our tests are the same price as standard cultures sold by other labs. You’ll also receive a unique Vetranomix breakdown of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria within the Respiratory Panel results.

Have questions about the process, the results, or the test?

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