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Wound, Skin, Ear / Dermatology Panel

There are over 100 skin conditions that affect dogs and cats, so chances are, veterinarians are seeing a lot of dermatologic issues in practice. According to surveys, skin, ear, and allergy issues are the top presenting complaints reported at many veterinary clinics.

Conventional medicine rules that after 6 hours, a wound is considered infected. This has led to an overuse of antibiotics. But with the rise of multi-drug-resistant staph and other bacteria, simple antibiotic choices are no longer effective or appropriate in many cases. (The Veterinary Journal, 2018)


The VetraTest™ offers quantitative PCR testing for wound, skin, and ear conditions and infections in cats and dogs. Using a simple swab or skin biopsy, the VetraTest™ can provide an accurate profile of bacteria, fungus, or parasites present within 48 hours. The test results then guide practitioners in selecting an effective antibiotic or anti-fungal therapy when necessary.

Get the diagnosis – and the treatment – right the first time, with targeted PCR testing.


PCR technology detects bacteria and fungi with 100% accuracy and specificity.


48-hour results from when it hits the lab


FREE specimen collection kits + shipping. Minimal specimen needed for processing.

The Wound, Skin, Ear Dermatology VetraTest™ Panel

The patented VetraTest™ targets the most common pathogens behind Skin Infections in dogs and cats. Our team of researchers, scientists, and vets work together to target the damaging microbes. Then we generate a comprehensive panel to detect the culprit behind the presenting problem.

The VetraTest™ detects and reports our targeted panel and includes recommended antibacterial or anti-fungal therapies when necessary, making diagnoses and treatment smooth and simple.

Preferred Collection Method

Biopsy or swab


The VetraTest™:

  • Uses a skin biopsy or simple swabs from the lesions to provide an accurate microbial profile within 48 hours  
  • Offers quantitative PCR, showing the CFUs for each bacteria detected at an actionable level and revealing how to treat complex skin conditions
  • Eliminates the culprits behind the most common skin, ear, and wound infectious diseases  
  • Identifies fungi, parasites, and bacteria causing the problem
  • Takes the guesswork out of treatment by including antibiotic resistance

Simply swab the affected area, circulating for 5 seconds. Aspirate. And send your sample to us (fluids or solid tissue accepted).


ABR report indicates:

  • Most common medications prescribed for bacterial wound, skin, and ear infections

  • Which medication will work

  • Which medication will not work


Wound, Skin, Ear Dermatology Panel

Facultative Anaerobic

Streptococcus spp. (S. pyogenes / S. milleri); Enterococcus spp. (E. faecalis / E. faecium); Staphylococcus aureus; Staphylococcus pseudintermidius; Staphylococcus saprophyticus; Staphylococcus haemolyticus; Pseudomonas aeriginosa; Klebsiella pneumoniae; Escherichia coli; Proteus mirabilis / Proteus vulgaris; Staphylococcus schleiferi; Pasteurella multocida


Malassezia pachydermatis; Candida albicans


Corynebacterium spp. (C. auriscanis / C. amycolatum / C. freiburgense / C. freneyi)


It takes weeks to grow fungus with culture. The Vetra Test accurately identifes presence and load within 48 hours. 

“With respect to dermatophytosis, fungal culture is the gold standard diagnostic test… Arguably the main disadvantage of culture is the time required for confirmation of results … which can vary from 10-21 days. A commercial PCR test for dermatophytosis offers rapid results within 1-3 days…”

–  Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, 2017

When will I get results?
The reports are delivered to your email, portal, or fax (your choice!) within 48 hours of the sample kit’s arrival at our lab. The PCR process only takes hours. Our scientists also review the results to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in our reports.

*Though UPS ships overnight, we cannot control external factors (like weather or natural disasters) that may interfere with shipping.


How do I schedule a specimen pickup?

Ship your samples on us! Simply visit and select “Schedule a Pickup.” You’ll get to choose when UPS comes to you. You’ll be guided to enter your information, print your mailing label, and stick it to the specimen bag.

*If you’re sending specimens daily, please contact us to schedule automatic daily pickup.

How much does the VetraTest ™ cost?
Our tests are the same price as standard cultures sold by other labs. You’ll also receive a unique Vetranomix breakdown of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria within the Respiratory Panel results.
Have questions about the process, the results, or the test?
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